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Arpoador beach

Arpoador beach
Arpoador beach is located in a small peninsula between Ipanema and Copacabana. This beach is easily recognized because it has a famous huge stone which is ideal to climb up for enjoying one of the most beautiful views of Rio.
When coming from Ipanema beach, Arpoador starts once passed the Rua Francisco Octavio.

Surfers love Aproador beach, indeed, it is considered one of the best metropolitan surf spots in Rio de Janeiro. The rocky outcropping creates stable left breakers up to 7–10 feet high; the take-off point is small and usually crowded with very competitive surfers. It is recommended only for local or professional-level surfers to challenge these competitive waves. This beach is also popular for having spotlights for night surfing.

Tourists who are walking around Arpoador beach can stop by the Garota de Ipanema Park or visit the Copacabana Fortress, which was built in 1908. The best restaurants and hotels in this area are located in Copacabana Street.

On your trip to Rio, you can't miss the amazing sunsets of Arpoador with the impressive big sun that falls-down behind the two peaks of the Dois Irmaos hill.