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Barra da Tijuca beach

Barra da Tijuca beach
Barra da Tijuca is the longest beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with 12 Km of clean and tropical green water. Barra da Tijuca is also often frequented by refreshing waves inviting to surfing both for beginners and experienced surfers.
My traditional vacation in Brazil almost always involves buying a new board and taking the buss out to Barra to try it out. If you are a beginner, I recommend a longboard or a foam board for better stability and steepest learning curve. If you have a flat in Barra de Tijuca or you go out early and intend to stay here the whole day, you will appreciate the first few kilometers of the beach which are filled with bars and seafood restaurants, so you can have a snack in one of the breaks, gulping up some saltwater and put some fluid back into he body. Believe me, fresh water never tastes this good, as after hours of surfing!

In addition to restaurants, you’ll find several “barracas” (in Portuguese) or tents, which are simply food and drink stalls on the beach. It's calm on weekdays, and crazy on hot summer weekends from December to March.   An extension of Barra da Tijuca Beach is called Praia do Pepê. This name was given to the beach, cause Pepê was the nickname of a young boy selling beer, mineral water and home made, natural sandwiches at the beach as well as practicing many sports. One of them was hang gliding, from which he died some years ago while flying. As he was very popular, people decided to give his name to the small extension of the beach.   Other sports like Kite surfing are often practiced there. Championships (national and international) are often held at barra de tijuca many times during the year, also surfing.

You can get to Barra da Tijuca beach in many ways. The majority of buses don’t pass the whole beach extension, so if you want to go by bus , it will leave you on the backstreet and you have to walk a little bit. There are some vans that go to Barra as well, but if you want a safe bet, the best option is to take a cab or rent a car to go to Barra, since it’s a very big place.   If you want to take a buss:   Buses from downtown to Barra : 175, 179 (Alvorada) Vans: they pass through Copacabana beach, Ipanema, Leblon and downtown Rio. Just stick your hand out when they approach you and they’ll pick you up. Vans are cheap, but you might have some hassle traveling with a longboard. The buses and vans take less time to get to Barra when they use LINHA AMARELA highway. This will save you about 20 minutes on the road.