Botafogo beach

Botafogo beach
Botafogo beach is a charming small sand strip on the calm bay inlet looking out at Pão de Açúcar, or Sugar loaf.
Botafogo beach offers treats to people who practice water sports, as well as a great view and boats that “park” there for some time when they leave Marina da Glória (boat station), or from the Yatch Club, which has a great variety of boats.

If you're a football fan, Botafogo is one of the Rio areas which burn passionate about it!

You will find a lot of Botafogo soccer shirts here, as the suburb has it’s own football team often in heated rivalry with their other Rio clubs, Fluminense, Vasco da Gama and Flamengo. As you probably already know, football is the national sport of Brazil and you will often see the beach filled with youngsters playing beach football or beach footvolley until the sun goes down.

Botafogo beach is often the location of open air shows, because its very plan and have a great sand extension, and maybe also a result of its central encounter spot for people who come from all the zones of Rio, south zone, (Zona Sul), North zone (Zona Norte), and West Zone (Zona Oeste, that includes Barra da Tijuca)

You may have one of the greatest views of Rio if you stop in the middle of the sidewalk. Here you will be able to see the contours of Morro da Urca and Sugar Loaf, placed on the very entrance of Guanabara bay with idyllic, swarming boats as light dots in an romantic sun set.

There is also a nice “ciclovia” ( a way to rent bikes) and bike service for its users which can be a fun way to see Rio de Janeiro. The botafogo area makes part of Brazil history. When the royalty came from Portugal to Brazil in 1808, the city of Rio de Janeiro greatly increased in inhabitants, which frequently used Rio’s services and commercial spots. This made the richer people try to find non popular and non crowded areas for their own personal enjoyment and privacy, so in the beginning of the century XIX, Princess Carlota Joaquina , orders the construction of a beach house on Botafogo. Since then, women and men had to take their beach baths at separated beaches.

Its very easy to go to Botafogo Beach, there are several buses and vans leaving at any time from almost every part of Rio. There is also a metro station stop here as well.