Prainha beach

Prainha beach
Getting to Prainha beach takes a while, and you're dependand on wheels unless you take the orange surf bus passing Copacabana beach! The trips is about 1h 30 min.
If you have your own rented car here's how to get there:

Take either the Avenida Niemeyer or Linha Amarella towards Barra de Tijuca, pass Barra and drive the Estado da Guanabara to Recreio, enjoying the road and the views!

You'll pass Recreiro and Macumba, Pontal beaches. Be patient, you are passing alot of beautiful wave formation and surf spots, but it's all worth it because you are about to arrive at one of Rio's most spectacular beaches, the Prainha beach!

You’ll find a scentic, exotic, strap of white sand, surrounded by beautiful green hills. This is Prainha, meaning the little beach in portuguese, one of the best surfing spots in Rio and a breath taking scenery away from the crowds, except during the hollidays :)

Travelers that wish to experience Rio in a more exotic, tranquil way have to come to Prainha beach. Imagine a resort with clean white sand as long as the eye can reach, with green Atlantic rainforrest covered mountains surrounding it making you feel like civilization doesn’t exist! This is simply the beautiful Prainha!

Whether you come here for the Rio beach and the sun, for the wild surfing or simply for the view, Prainha beach has it all. If you do not speak Portuguese bring a dictionary and your charms with you.

People will be very friendly, curious and smiley. That’s Prainha beach, Rio and Brazil, it’s all about people’s warmth and Latin spirit.

If you wish to surf, just bear in mind that Prainha and several other spots in Janeiro have very rough waves. Experienced and trained surfers come to Prainha all the time as this is definitely the best surfing location in Rio de Janeiro, especially when the south winds blow.

At Prainha, the waves are fast, powerful and hollow. The maximum swell size is around 3m, heading South, SE or E when the winds blow from South.

Both long surfboarding and short surfboarding are practicable here. Just bring your board with you as the closest spot to rent is few miles away.

If you are a passionate surfer and wish to enjoy the waves, sun and charms of Prainha for longer, Guarda do Embau camping and cottages is quite a good offer to pick up in this region.

Close from here there’s a pretty, informal, accessible hillside restaurant with beautiful view to the ocean. Enjoy the breeze!.. and the sun, but take care because at this latitude you can get burned before you know it.

Sunglasses, body cream for the sun and a colorful kanga would do for the day. Bring them with you, as on Prainha beach there are not so many beach sellers around.